Happy New Year!

Posted by Innovative Party Planners on December 30th, 2009 in General, No Comments
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Our studio is starting to fill up with colorful decor for lots of fun theme parties in the year ahead. Meanwhile we are taking some much needed R&R with our families and refueling for the season ahead.

Zozzie just came back from a trip to Toronto to visit with her parents. On the plane flight home she was subject to the high security alert that has embraced our nation. After a thorough body search, they boarded the flight where they were allowed all of 10 minutes to use the bathroom before having to sit for the remainder of the flight home.

Heidi chose to go by car when she and her family took a fun field trip to the UTZ factory in Hanover PA. We recommend a trip up there and a visit to the outlet store.

We encourage you to bookmark our page and follow us as we blog about our party prep adventures. Happy New Year everyone!

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