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Posted by Innovative Party Planners on January 16th, 2010 in Behind The Scenes, No Comments
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When the first phone call comes in, we can hear the excitement and stress in your voice. You are hosting a party!! Maybe it is baby shower, a holiday event, a b’nai mitzvah celebration or the big one, a wedding. It could be a year away, only months away or maybe weeks – yes we get those calls, and there is so much to plan. The closer it is the more stress in your voice. You convey your thoughts about how you envision this party. We talk about colors, location, menu, entertainment, decor. Maybe you want to involve a theme, or maybe you have no clue, but we will help you figure that out. We ensure that we can help you create the party you imagine. It is so overwhelming to think how can you are going to do all this in the weeks, months or year ahead, and we hear you. Our first job as party planners is to listen, allowing you to unload your stress. We take good notes, listen to your dreams and wishes and set out to work with you to make this the party you imagine it will be. You took the first step; you unloaded some of the work and stress onto us!

So have you ever thought about what happens inside the party planner’s studio after you make that call? We are planning and designing for multiple parties all at once. It takes an huge amount of patience and organization. This blog is going to take you behind the scenes for a peek into the office of Innovative Party Planners. Behind the scenes, after you call, after our meeting, before your event.

So come back and visit often. We promise to protect names and themes (we know they are top secret!!). But we also will share the joys and stress of the party planners!

Off to set up a few parties . . . one corporate post holiday event, the other a Bat Mitzvah Celebration. We plan to post photos on facebook.

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