Whether or not to hold your event in bad weather

Posted by Innovative Party Planners on February 6th, 2010 in Party Pointers, 1 Comment
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Heidi's dogWeather can really play havoc with your event plans. Over the past 15 years, we have had many weather challenges. Guests who are planning December through March celebrations worry about snow, loss of electricity or heat. Summer parties invoke worries about the hot sun, rain or even worse a hurricane, especially if you are planning an outdoor event. A good party planner not only watches the weather forecast, but also should have a weather plan in place.

We remember only two Bar Mitzvahs that had to be rescheduled due to winter snow storms; the second just a month ago. It was originally scheduled for the Saturday of the December Nor’easter. On Friday everyone was preparing for the big storm and decisions needed to be made quickly. After determining that the location was available on Sunday, we advised the client to move the event to the next afternoon, allowing the streets to be cleared and guests to dig out. We decided to pre-deliver the decorations and the venue was more than accommodating. The religious services went on as scheduled that Saturday, however few guests were able to attend. On Sunday, we all met early in the morning to set-up the event. Only one vendor couldn’t get out, so a substitute one was located. Our client and her guests went on to have a fabulous party.

Many years ago, our bride called us as we were driving to her home the morning of her wedding. It had stormed overnight and and the tent in her yard that held the rehearsal dinner the evening prior was supposed to hold the wedding ceremony that afternoon. But it was full of puddles as was the yard leading to the tent. She was not planning to walk out there with her wedding gown. We quickly came up with an alternative location, her living room. Our amazing florist came with a huge crew who not only set up the flowers, but also moved large heavy pieces of furniture into the garage. The living room had a huge picture window that served as the backdrop of the ceremony. We brought in all the chairs from the tent, filled her fireplace with candles, rearranged our plan for the flowers and still had plenty of time for formal portraits. Imagine her living room held all 120 chairs. The room looked spectacular and the guests were warm and dry.

Another time, we had a terrible spring storm that knocked out power to several areas including the party venue for a Bat Mitzvah celebration in an old castle castle. We delivered by flash light and candle light. The caterers sprung into action and rented generators, which saved the day! Votive candles were placed everywhere, the food was hot and the music has hotter. Everyone had a great time!

Weather also effected delivery of party favors many years back. There had been another big snowstorm. We were waiting for delivery of imprinted party favors that were due to arrive by the Friday before the event. We waited impatiently at our studio only to find out that the delivery trucks were pulled off the road because it was just too stormy. The party favors arrived on Monday, but the party had already occurred. We made the best of it by mailing out the party favors and note to all the out of town guests while the Bar Mitzvah child brought the rest into school for all his friends.

By thinking positively and having a “can do” attitude everything does work out.

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