How do I determine my party budget?

Posted by Innovative Party Planners on March 9th, 2010 in Party Pointers, No Comments
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We usually equate that question with “How much is a car going to cost?”. This is a difficult question to answer. Just as there are big cars and little cars, we throw big parties and little parties. There are Lamborghini’s and Hyundai’s just like there are black tie large celebrations and small intimate gatherings. (Zozzie drives a Toyota and Heidi drives a Honda in case you are wondering!)

Defining the kind of car you wish to drive begins with your realization of what you need vs. what you want. Do you really need the GPS in your car or can you be happy with a road map? Each time you go to fill your tank, will you be filling it with premium or regular? Relating to a party, do you want to serve caviar or will ‘pigs in a blanket’ suffice?

So the next question we ask is “What is your budget?” followed quickly with “What does your budget include?” You may not know what your budget is but you do know what seems expensive or fair to you. If you are feeding 100 guests or perhaps 20 guests, you have some expectation of what you wish to spend. Do you need 100 party favors or perhaps 20? The quantity of that party favor may help determine how much you spend. Some additional things you need to consider. The location of the party, how many people are being invited, what you feed your guests, do you need linens and chairs, draping, centerpieces, party favors and so on will all affect your budget.

You want to spend wisely and you want to make the best choices. That is what we help you do. Everyone has a different idea as to what elements of the party are important to them. We listen carefully to your concept and to your budget. We guide you to making good decisions and add in our clever and creative concepts which results in a fantastic event.

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