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Posted by Heidi on July 1st, 2010 in Behind The Scenes, No Comments
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Innovative Party PlannersThe end of June, beginning of July is usually pretty slow for us.  So with that in mind, Heidi elected to take some time off to deal with her long troubling ankle. Those of you who have worked with us lately have seen her walk around fashioning an ankle brace and may have heard of her much anticipated surgery.  Well, a week ago Heidi spent a long 23 hours at Union Memorial with a very excellent surgical team. They repaired her ankle and sent her home with a walker, set of crutches and the following instructions: Stay off that ankle for the next six weeks!

So while Heidi is out of the office sipping Piña Coladas, watching day time soaps, knitting and blogging . . . Hold it, Heidi does not watch day time soaps, scratch that. So while Heidi is out of the office in a considerable amount of pain recovering from surgery, Tally is holding the IPP office together. Now at the beginning of this blog, we told you it was our slow time of year. Heidi thought Tally could get in plenty of cleaning, catching up with orders, inventory, play a few games of solitaire, keep the place humming. But the problem is, we are anything but quiet right now. Thanks to our wonderful and continuous stream of fabulous clients, Tally and crew set up decor for another successful Bat Mitzvah party. Note to Heidi: You do not need to be at every job, the staff you hired is fabulous and dependable. In addition, Tally now finds herself working alone handling the phones, mail, bills, multiple clients who have contracted IPP to plan their upcoming summer and fall events. So this is a thank you from Heidi to Tally to say, you are the best! You are super talented, a multi tasker and you have kept all the work flowing, customers happy and I am so honored to be working with you!

And if it weren’t for the current power outage at Heidi’s home, she would be designing several parties from her recovery bed! But she got forced out of that bed and deposited at her sisters house where she could continue her recovery in a cooler more habitable place and had to leave her Mac home. So let’s get that power back at Heidi’s house, so she can get back to her Mac and assist Tally while she drowns in work!

Happy July 4th everyone! hugs to you Tally!

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