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Posted by Heidi on December 16th, 2010 in Behind The Scenes, No Comments
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One of the hardest parts of planning a party can be finding the right venue.  Clients often come to us to help them select the venue for their event, but they also come to us after having already selected the venue.  Then our planning involves making the venue fit their theme, number of guests, layout of event and party style.  Depending on the theme and the venue, the decor needs of each party vary.

So in order to be fully prepared for an upcoming decor installation, we recently visited Vernisage in Pikesville, Maryland.  Our first visit was over a year ago, when Nelly and her sister Lisa, owners of Vernisage, invited us to a delicious lunch and to discuss their event catering.

We were immediately struck by the elegant decor and attention to details.  While their restaurant menu caterers to the Russian Cuisine, they cater wonderful American Cuisine as well.

We recently went back over there to go over the event details and ensure that the set-up of our client’s upcoming event would go smoothly.

We were reminded what a gem of a spot this ballroom is and how perfect it could be for small weddings, special birthdays, bridal showers, B’nai Mitzvah celebrations, and more.

They have fun touches like these fabulous dishes.  And Nel tells us that she personally owns over 40 sets of china!  This set is from one such collection.

So next time you are planning a special event and you don’t want to venture far from home, consider Vernisage in Pikesville.  Call us to discuss if this venue is the perfect fit for your next event.

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