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Posted by Heidi on January 31st, 2011 in General, Parties and Events, Party Pointers, 2 Comments
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On Sunday January 30, 2011 we participated in Beth El’s Green Expo.  As evidenced by the amount of people who came out to support the Green Expo, the green movement continues full speed ahead in 2011.  Event decor has taken a green spin and there are many opportunities to lower the carbon footprint of your next event.  Here are several green party tips  for your consideration:

  • Location – One of the first decisions you make is where to have your event.  This will be one of the most environmentally crucial decisions you make. Consider the location. The closer the event is to your guests, the lower the impact of the event on the environment.
  • Vendors – Hire event vendors that are local to your destination in order to reduce transportation costs and the resulting carbon emissions that are created by freight carriers.
  • Paper or Plastic? When you choose to use china, flatware and glassware know that you made a good choice as these are reusable resources. If you’re event requires the use of disposables, consider one of the many compostable options on the market. There are many available types of plates, flatware and glassware that are designed to compost without a negative environmental impact.
  • Table Linens – While synthetic linens seem to be anti-intuitive, when you factor in durability, energy costs for maintenance, etc, synthetic linens are actually more environmentally friendly than their natural counterparts.
  • Centerpieces – Renting rather than purchasing can be environmentally friendly.  Innovative Party Planners has committed a tremendous amount of resources and overhead towards maintaining an inventory of “re-usable” and re-purposed decor.  Not only will you be paying less, you will also be doing the right thing for the environment.  Or consider a centerpiece that can be added back to the environment for future generations to enjoy.  Flowering bulbs and potted plants make perfect centerpieces.  If you would like to use floral centerpieces, consider that most of the flowers that are available to consumers are shipped via planes from South America. So try buying locally grown flowers for your centerpieces and you’ll be making a positive environmental impact by reducing transportation costs and the resulting carbon emissions that are created by jet airplanes. You can also rest easy knowing that federal governance regarding use of harmful pesticides and chemicals on plants and produce is much more stringent in the United States than it is in other parts of the world.
  • Lighting – If your event requires additional lighting, we can provide low energy consumption lighting fixtures such as LED based lighting fixtures. These lighting fixtures are not only superior to incandescent fixtures in output and appearance; they also consume a minuscule fraction of the energy that a convention light consumes. In addition, LED lights do not require plastic based products called “gels” to change color, making them an environmental home run!

Contact Innovative Party Planners for additional assistance in planning your green event.

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