Winter Wonderland

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This past weekend our crew installed a Winter Wonderland at the Ten Oaks Ballroom in Clarksville, MD.  Captaining a large team of prop suppliers and lighting experts, Heidi Hiller, assisted by Tally Johnstone, oversaw the transformation of the ballroom into a crystal ice palace outfitted in all white, with beautiful and simple wintry accents, creating the perfect backdrop for a festive and elegant corporate post holiday celebration.

A vignette of white trees lit in soft blue and a gentle layer of freshly fallen snow was placed opposite the entrance in the lobby of Ten Oaks.

There is a break in the scenery to allow guests to enter and safely exit the main ballroom.

As guests entered the ballroom, they passed through gently falling snow.  The snow machine was hidden among a small grove of lit white trees.

Guest tables, as well as all buffets, were covered with white linen topped with a white organza sheer.  Clear ice chiavari chairs glistened in the light and added the perfect accent to the tables.

The perimeter of the ballroom was draped with yards and yards of white satin and crushed white velvet, accented with a soft blue lighting effect.

The dance floor featured snow flake light patterns projected just in front of a pure white stage, setting the background for some serious dancing with music provided from a fabulous band from the west coast.

Icicle ribbons with crystals were suspended above the dance floor by jumbo frosted balloons.

Centerpieces provided decor and a warm glow.  They alternated between tall white elegant candles adorned with snowflakes and gems set on a layer of ice; and 5′ tall white lit birch branches set in a bed of glistening snow. Silver snow flakes accented the large guest tables and high tops used in the buffet area.

We enjoyed working with Elaine and Monroe at Zeffert & Gold Catering and their fabulous staff, as well as Carmen at Ten Oaks.  We give a special thanks to all our prop and lighting experts  that teamed up with us to make this event such a huge success.

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