When Procrastination is your Theme

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The Bat Mitzvah was only months away and there was so much to be done. With three kids and eight years of continuous Mitzvah planning, procrastination had set in for our Mitzvah Mom. Our first mission, inject excitement and motivation into our client! Our first meeting went well and we tasked her with her to do list. First up invitations. She headed to Pleasure of Your Company for her invites and Classic Calligraphy for the addressing. Next up – settle on a caterer. We gave her several recommendations and she settled in on Classic Catering. Then and only then, could we focus all our attention on the party decor and theme. We were planning a luncheon and a teen party so we had a huge to do list ourselves including selecting linen, room layout, decor, finding the perfect party favor, coordinating all the vendors and all in a tight time crunch.

The theme for this party got us excited! Sophie is a student at Sudbrook Magnet and her focus is art. It brought back fund memories of years of studying art techniques, the masters and the smell of oil paint. At one of our meetings, Sophie’s Mom proudly displayed her recent artwork. We were immediately fans! We showcased Sophie’s artwork at the luncheon.

We picked up a near complete invitation and settled in on the party colors. Sophie loved pink and robins egg blue and that was evident in the invitation. We all agreed to work with the challenging black chairs at Oheb and added black into our color pallet for her party. After rounding up lots of linen from many linen vendors in the area, we settled in on a fabulous tie dye linen from Table Toppers.

After school one day, Sophie and Heidi spent some time together in the studio. Sophie was instrumental in helping to create her centerpieces by dripping paint on all the paint cans that displayed her artwork. The colorful paint brushes served a dual purpose to not only decorate the paint cans, but placed as accents among luscious hot pink and white flowers.

The paint cans served as a base for her gorgeous floral arrangements, created by Flowers and Fancies.

In addition, Sophie spent time with the Caricature Artist and together they created a huge poster for all the guests to draw on and decorate for a participatory activity at the party!

Luncheon decor included lots of balloons, fabulous linen and featured Sophie’s artwork. Guests were seated at tables labeled by famous artists including Pollack, Vermeer and Picasso. Guests were entertained by a wonderful Klezmer Band as well as the family themselves. The artful cake, half strawberry and half key lime, was delicious and decorated by IcedGems Baking.

The next day we enjoyed decorating the Reisterstown Sportsplex for Sophie’s ice skating party. The window to decorate was tight, but we squeezed it in and turned an ordinary birthday party room into a perfect Bat Mitzvah Celebration. Teens posed for pictures with Lori Ring of Snaps and Silber Photography. We gave the teens each a pair of colorful gloves and a custom embroidered knit cap as party favors.

Sophie’s smile says it all. The theme of this party was all about Sophie!

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