Life as an Intern

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By Jasmine Elberfeld

Since my freshman year in high school, I was determined to do an internship, focused in art. At times, I had to remain firm since advisers told me an art related internship would result in purely answering phones and doing paperwork. After looking around at different businesses, sending a few emails, and a lot of paperwork, it was set that I would be interning at Innovative Party Planners. Filled with enthusiasm, I was ready to start right away. It has turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to create lovely pieces of artwork used for parties, a chance to be hands on in a field of work I am interested in, and it looks great on a resumé.

My favorite part of my internship so far was my first main project. I was asked to design an airplane that would hang above the dance floor at a Bar Mitzvah party. The celebration had two themes, airplanes and candy. Heidi cleverly combined the themes by having the idea to create an airplane with lollipop wings. So I quickly went to the drawing board and started designing a custom candy airplane. I came up with a few sketches, and together Heidi, Tally and I decided on the one we thought was most appropriate. Heidi taught me how to use some new equipment to turn the drawing into a finished piece. It ended up being about six feet long and two and a half feet tall.

Last weekend it was installed for the party with a twelve foot long balloon trail of smoke. The client was ecstatic with my creation!

Another learning opportunity involved setting up for a client’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party. We worked as a team to get everything done, Tally and an assistant worked on the balloons while Heidi oversaw the rest of the crew to make sure everything was perfect. We referred to the set up sheet, carefully prepared prior to the party, to ensure that everything was done and nothing was missed. We had to deal with a few unexpected mishaps, including a faulty helium tank, but we got through it staying calm and focused. I learned many new skills, such as how to swag a table cloth to make it look really professional. Soon after learning this new technique, I got to put it to the test when setting up the tables for the mock interviews at school. This party truly looked amazing.

Interning here has definitely taught me a lot about business and other ways art can be used in a profession. First of all, I had no idea how much goes into having a business. Organization is key to staying on top of things and making everything work. I learned plenty of things about event planning and the steps it takes to complete a job. There is so much that goes into one event, but after seeing the outcome and the joy it gives the client and their guests, it makes it all worth while.

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  1. Nigel Harris says:

    Very interesting. It sounds like a nice place and the airplane looked great.

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