‘F’ is for ‘Feminine’ and ‘Football’

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Jamie is a HUGE Ravens football fan.  Her celebration took place at the M and T Bank Stadium, home of the Baltimore Ravens.

We started out by creating an event logo, embracing both of her passions. In addition to being a huge Ravens fan, Jamie plays polo crosse and wanted to incorporate this activity into her theme.

 The centerpieces featured her logo and her favorite team colors, purple, gold and black, along with shades of lavender, to add the feminine touch.  We included a horse to symbolize her polo crosse activities and then don’t forget the polka dots!

One of our favorite decor elements from this event was the linen.  We found these purple and lavender Tie Dye and ruffles linen at Table Toppers.  We layered it over a deep purple satin, which we found at Gala Clothes.

We topped the linen off with our glass trumpet vases filled with glowing purple floral gel and topped with a display containing shades of lavender, purple and hints of gold, added a bit of bling, footballs and helmets.  Below is a picture of the linen and a spread from Jamie’s Sign In Book.  We enjoyed creating that for her.

The highlight of the party was Jamie’s introduction.  Her vision was to come out of the tunnel much like we see the Ravens enter at each home game.  The DJ played the perfect song, MC Purnell got the crowd cheering and as Jamie entered through our version of the tunnel, confetti cannons fired!

Click to view video of Jamie's introduction

We had lots of signs to assist the guests in locating buffets, lead them to various highlights of the party

This ref assisted guests by directing them to take a time out to pick up their party favors

Party favors were warm grey sweatpants featuring Jamie’s party logo.

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