Surgeries, Derecho, Darkness and Thanks

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Several weeks ago our staff began to deal with some unexpected family issues that all involved Orthopedic surgeries. Tally’s daughter has had the first of two surgeries this summer while Sheryl’s daughter is recovering from her June ankle surgery and my own daughter Rebecca had ankle surgery in June as well. Meanwhile, long before all of that, figuring it would slow down at the end of June at Innovative Party Planners, I scheduled a long overdue, much needed ankle surgery for June 25th. So while I spent 23 hours at Union Memorial Hospital, Tally and Sheryl created fabulous Bat Mitzvah party decor, ran the office, took in new work and managed the not so slow office.
     Then we were all introduced to the term Derecho. I sat in our family room a week ago watching the fierce storm roar overhead through our sky lights. Our lights started flashing and our small dog started shaking. Hail hit the sky lights, branches fell everywhere, loud noises were heard, while incredibly strong winds and hard rain had us all in search of flash lights and candles. We, along with hundreds of thousands of others, lost our power that night.  It took almost a week to get our power back. During that week, my husband and kids packed up and moved our family, all our orthopedic gear, our 2 dogs and new kitty not once, but twice. First to my sisters where we totaled 11 under her roof all forced out from the storm, then on to a hotel downtown. I was almost sorry when our power returned and we had to go back home. The fully equipped handicapped room at the Hotel Monaco Baltimore was a real treat!
     There are so many people that I personally owe thanks to and will bore you with now. First to my husband, who has been the nurse, bellhop, chef, therapist, housekeeper, chauffeur and schlepper to Rebecca and I, as well as the most loving and reliable person in my life. I could never have planned to take six weeks off my foot without depending on Ed 100%. The unusual circumstances that followed were challenging and rewarding. Through it we grew stronger.
     Next, thank you to my kids. You continue to deal with everything life throws your way and Dad and I are very proud of you. Ben, thank you for saving this blog!
     Next, thank you to my Mom for stopping over each afternoon once I made it home from the Hospital to check on us and see what she could do to relieve my husband and kids. Sorry you also lost your power.
     Next a huge thank you to my amazing and talented crew at IPP. Tally and Sheryl, thank you for everything you both did for our clients while I am was and continue to recover. While you both were handling your family members, you went above and beyond in preparing the decor and finalizing the details of the last few weeks parties. No one does neon like we do! And no one does last minute jobs, like we do! The latest being the phone call we got on Friday afternoon for a 1500 balloon drop for Saturday afternoon; Tally personally handled every detail.
     Next, thank you to my Orthopedic Surgeon and his team, my PT team; and the staff, nurses, techs and housekeeping staff at Union Memorial Hospital. They answered all my questions, laughed at my dumb jokes and entertained me by flooding my room.
    Thank you the our vet and all the folks at Advanced Vet who nursed our kitty back to health during the power outage. And thank you to the folks at Sonny Lee for hosting our first family outing post my surgery and to the off duty police officer who reacted quickly while remaining calm when the huge rock was thrown through the window during our family’s lunch last week!
     And finally, thank you to my sister and her family for taking us in and providing our family with a cool place to stay, food and fun, and putting up with all our pets. Thank you to my friend and NACE industry associate Keith Bergman at the Hotel Monaco for making all the arrangements for our comfortable stay. I owe you a B’nai Mitzvah party!
     If you managed to read this in it’s entirety, thank you too! It feels good to be home, it feels great to have our power back on (thanks BGE) and to know my surgery is behind me now. I plan to continue recovering at home the next few weeks and begin part time at the studio as I am able. In the meantime, no more surgeries or storms, please.


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  1. Marlyss says:

    Glad to hear the surgery is behind you and you can surge forward from here. Isn’t it so great that you can be in the hospital or home recovering and still carry on thru the wonderful internet. Hooray for orthopedic surgeons and technology!

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