Leanne’s Drive-In Bat Mitzvah

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Throughout our seventeen years of party planning and designing, we’ve done many theme events, and quite often we see variations of the same idea over and over. So when Leanne and her family came to us with the idea for a movie theme, they told us they wanted to to be different.  After several ideas were discussed, we settled on a drive-in movie theme combined with the history of movies. We were excited for a new challenge! With this creative twist to the movie theme in mind, we set out researching the history of cinema from silent films to the multi-million dollar motion pictures we see today. The concept took shape as we settled on a specific decade of movies to be featured in each table’s name and decor. Adult tables would feature movies from the 1920’s to the 2000’s, while the teen tables were all movies from the 2010’s.


During this design process, one thought was prominent in all our minds: we needed a jumbo drive-in movie screen to showcase Leanne’s video montage.  We considered the inflatable screen, but the logistics and location proved too challenging. That is where the fabulous backdrop came in.  We hung a backdrop on the backwall of the ballroom that featured a hand-painted drive-in movie scene complete with a  parking lot filled with cars, a refreshment stand and a usable movie screen. With the help of DJ Mike Pachino we showed our feature movie, ‘Leanne’s Bat Mitzvah’ on this backdrop screen.


The event logo provided the tool we needed to focus on drive-in movies.  We were inspired by the old style scripts, shape of the drive-in movie signs and the styling of the automobiles from the 50’s.


Once we had the family’s final approval on Leanne’s logo, we started to focus on the event details.  For the teen tables, we used two shades of pink for the table cloths paired with navy blue napkins. For the adults, we used navy blue table linens along with light pink napkins. Now came the exciting part; centerpieces! What comes to mind when you think of going to the movies?  Popcorn!  Each centerpiece started with a custom made pink and white striped jumbo popcorn bucket. Then, we added decorative elements such as film reels, film curls, and pictures of different actors and movies from the decade we were depicting. For example, guests seated at “Movies Through the 1940’s” found themselves in front of pictures from Casablanca and It’s a Wonderful Life. The teen centerpieces featured images from movies from 2010 and beyond including Les Miserables, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter.


Our final project was to design event signs and different paper elements for Leanne’s event. The place cards, in particular, were a fun party accent that really embraced the drive-in theme. We used a movie ticket design that incorporated Leanne’s logo along with each guest’s name. For the large entrance sign to the ballroom, we took inspiration from those fabulous throw-back signs and used the marquee to tell guests about the “Double Feature”. Reinforcing guest’s specific table name ‘decade’ as the first show and making reference to ‘Leanne’s Bat Mitzvah’ montage as the second feature. The teen food station featured a huge ‘Refreshments’ sign with neon inspired graphic details. The teen party favors were attractively packaged and individually sized and tagged; each contained pink or navy athletic shorts with Leanne’s party logo.


In addition to the decor, we handled the event timeline and worked with The Classic Catering People on the room layout and menu.  The party included a beautiful Havdalah Service and guests participated by filling the dance floor with glow sticks in hand. The fun little details we added kept the mood festive and the drive-in theme in the forefront. Mike Pachino was the DJ for Leanne’s event and his music along with his team of dancers kept the party going!


Event Team:
Blog Photo Credit: Sid Keiser and Innovative Party Planners
Caterer: The Classic Catering People
Venue: Oheb Shalom
Videography: Larmar Video
Photography: Sid Keiser
Entertainment: DJ Mike on the Mic
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