Rustic Romance

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In today’s technology driven-world, it’s always refreshing to come across those who genuinely appreciate the great outdoors. When Dan and Rachel came to us with a nature-themed affair in mind, we were excited to go organic with our decor. The couple had spent a good portion of their relationship hiking throughout different national parks around the country and wanted to incorporate that passion into their special day. They called us in to decorate their reception!

First Collage

In the event planning and design market we’ve really established ourselves as pro’s in the art of creating unique centerpieces. For this particular event, to keep it natural, we worked off of the premise that less is more. We designed two different centerpieces for the reception that were to be placed on the couple’s guest tables. The first design started with circular glassware that we layered with white river rocks and red and gold calla lilies. These delicate flowers coordinated perfectly with the table scape! Our second centerpiece design incorporated identical glassware filled with white river rocks and natural willow branches submerged in water topped off with a floating candle. Both centerpieces were surrounded by leaves, votive candles and acorns. These two simple designs reinforced the nature-theme while keeping the mood elegant.

Centerpiece Collage

The most unique aspect of Rachel and Dan’s reception decor was in their table names, or “trail numbers”. The guest tables were marked by custom printed self-standing foam boards that we accented on all sides with twigs. Sheryl had a good time gathering the twigs from around our office building here in Owings Mills; it’s likely our neighbors were concerned about the state of her mental health. The background for each table name used a picture from the trail and featured an outlined picture of Rachel and Dan at that park in the foreground.  The table name (trail number) also highlighted the name of the national park, the location, and the date that Rachel and Dan conquered that trail. Each table number was uniquely beautiful and exceptionally special to their journey as a couple!

Place Cards

The wedding of Dan and Rachel was a beautiful event that had a rustic feel inspired by their mutual love for nature. We enjoyed the challenge of taking a variety of natural elements and turning them into tasteful event decorations. To bring the complete look of the event together we worked with the family to combine all of the appropriate finishing touches. We hung wooden lanterns in the trees outside of the reception hall and decorated the place card and cake tables with leaves, pinecones and orange roses.  Finally, decorative flowers such as golden Aztec calla lilies were added only to Rachel and Dan’s napkin wraps while all their guests had napkins wrapped with burlap linen ribbon.

Last Collage

Special thanks to photographer Rachel Smith for the spectacular pictures!

Event Team:
Blog Photo Credit: Rachel Smith Photography and Innovative Party Planners
Caterer: Alan Weiss
Venue: Chizuk Amuno
Entertainment: Millennium from Washington Talent Agency
Flowers: JJ Cummings
Cake: Pariser’s Bakery
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