Don’t Let the Weather Affect Your Event Experience

Posted by Heidi on March 1st, 2015 in General, Party Pointers, No Comments
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With it snowing again in the Baltimore area today, we want to bring up the topic of whether to be concerned about the weather when having an event. Guests planning December through March celebrations worry about snow or ice causing their events to be cancelled. Meanwhile the summer weather can cause equal stress and concern over too hot temperatures, rain spoiling your outdoor event, or worse a tropical storm. Hiring an experienced team of professionals, captained by a good party planner ensures that the weather is not only being thought about from early on, but there is a backup weather plan in place as well.

Winter FacadeRemember back to December 2009, where there was that powerful Nor’easter Blizzard that brought record breaking snowfalls to Washington D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia. We had a Bar Mitzvah that was scheduled for that Saturday. The Friday prior to the event, while everyone was preparing for the big storm, we were speaking with all the vendors as decisions had to be made quickly. First call was to the venue to determine if it was available on Sunday as well. Getting the all clear, we then contacted all the vendors to see if they could also perform as contracted on Sunday.  Next, we had advised the client to move the event to Sunday afternoon, allowing time for guests to be plowed out and streets to be clear. Religious services continued as planned on Saturday, however only a few guests were able to attend. By the time Sunday morning arrived, the sun was out. The vendors all met early to set up the event.  There was only one vendor that couldn’t make it out of their driveway, so we located a substitute and the party went on. Our client and their guests had a marvelous party!

On another occasion, we had an outdoor wedding planned in our clients Outdoor Weddingfront yard, but downpours overnight caused serious flooding out front. On the morning of the wedding, we received a panicked phone call from the bride, as we were driving to her home to begin the set-up. The tent that we installed in her front yard that had held the rehearsal dinner the evening before was full of puddles this morning and there was a river crossing her sidewalk. Needless to say, the bride did not want to drag her guests nor her wedding dress through a river or mud puddles. We quickly had to come up with an alternative solution and move her ceremony inside. Our florist came with an outstanding crew who not only set up flowers, but helped to get the wedding ceremony set by moving heavy furniture out of the living room and into the garage, as well as moving all the chairs from the tent into our clients large living room.  We filled the fireplace with candles which set a romantic scene and her enormous picture window served as a backdrop to the ceremony. Even with all of the rearranging, there was still time for formal portraits and guests never knew of all the rearranging. With the help of Innovative Party Planners and our team of professional vendors, the wedding went smoothly and all the guests remained warm and dry!

Candles for Cocktails 2 by IPP copyOther stories that come to mind from our past 19 years include the Bar Mitzvah celebration where we added a two story tent and dance floor onto the back of our clients home in Annapolis. Of course it poured the night of the event, and out tent professionals remained on site to add gutters and fix leaks as they arose during the heavy storm. Heat waves come and go and we are always prepared with extra air conditioners when the heat became intolerable; or when the frigid temperatures require extra heaters during an unexpected cold snap.  While tents have their own emergencies, old castles do as well.  One Bat Mitzvah took place in a gorgeous old castle, but after a severe power outage knocked out the power at their venue, we had to think quick.  We brought in generators for the caterer’s ovens, lots and lots of candles and battery LEDs.

So when in doubt, don’t worry. Remain calm and have a positive attitude. Weather is not something that you can control; just leave it up to your experienced event planner and event team. It’s their job to execute your event under all circumstances so you can enjoy what your day is all about!

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