Planning all the Bar and Bat Mitzvah Details

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Proud moment during Arielle’s Bat Mitzvah

You have planned your child’s birthday parties and they were so much fun. You sent out the evites, bought the party favors and the cake. The theme was based on your child’s favorite interest at the time. Everyone loved it and had a great time. You did a fabulous job. Now it is time for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah. You have the date. The synagogue is booked and you are all set. You can’t wait for all your friends and family to celebrate this special moment in your child’s life. Now it is time to plan the party.  Where to begin?

The first step is to sit down with your child and have a discussion to get a sense of what he/she envisions. No, you can’t get One Direction to perform at their party and no, you are not renting out the Super Bowl. You ask all your friends who they have hired and who they recommend and who to stay away from. You sit in front of the computer for hours researching where to buy invitations, sign in boards, party favors, give-a-ways and more. You started a pin board for your décor and all the ideas swimming through your head. Now, feeling incredibly overwhelmed with all the choices and decisions to be made, where do you even begin to plan this event without feeling overwhelmed by all the details.

Can you be your own party planner? Can you do this yourself? Can you handle all the details? Details such as selecting the right size party venue, caterer, entertainment, decorator, invitations, photographer and more. Figuring out floor plans, seating charts, timelines, place cards, party favors and the list goes on. Can you coordinate all the elements and pull off this event without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? Meanwhile you still have to manage work, family, carpool, after school events, grocery shopping, walking the dog and putting dinner on the table.

What if it results in total chaos? And you don’t get to do a do over!!

Now, imagine your event as a beautiful symphony. The conductor directing all the members of the orchestra, the brass section, the wind, the percussion and the strings. She/He nods to the winds and raises his arm to the brass sections to begin playing and the result is beautiful music. The audience is treated to a wonderful experience. Such can be the planning of your event when your conductor is an experienced event planner.GSSMitzvah42515_Collage1

Your planner becomes your go-to person and you can rely on her experience and expertise to guide you in directions you are comfortable with. She/He knows when things need to get done, what questions to ask and how to get the answers.  A party planner becomes your advocate, your trouble shooter, your coordinator. She/He pulls all the pieces together, so like the orchestra you are treated to an enjoyable and memorable experience that you can share with your family.  It can even be a lot of fun. As your party planner we talk a lot about the kind of event experience you envision in order to assemble a harmonious team that will professionally guide you through the process. And your guests can say “ You did a fabulous job”.

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