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Posted by Heidi on January 16th, 2016 in Behind The Scenes, Corporate Events, General, No Comments
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Heidi Hiller, owner of Innovative Party Planners, has been involved in many volunteer efforts over her lifetime. More recently she and her family have been involved in advocating and improving policy and services for the mental health community, specifically to children through MCF. Meanwhile, about a year ago, Heidi was invited to The Children’s Guild, as a consultant, to offer her expertise about renting and marketing the TranZed Alliance Conference Center, now headquarters of this organization. Heidi met with representatives of The Children’s Guild to learn about their goals and efforts to date. It became apparent that while they had a well appointed space, they needed a plan. So together with a team of industry experts, including marketing experts, photographer and caterer, they laid out the plan.

First goal, assemble photos of the building. After deciding which areas were most rentable, the team focused on a photoshoot in their lovely garden behind the Board Room. So in the late summer of 2015 volunteers gathered at sundown to stage a cocktail party in the garden. Heidi and her team at Innovative Party Planners prepared a lovely scene with cocktail tables, flowers, lanterns, lighting, benches and pillows. The photos where to be used to market, placed in their social media, website and Open House invitation. Photos below by Robert Creamer Photography.



The Conference Center has many wonderful breakout spaces upstairs, however there are large event spaces downstairs with much to offer. So, for the next photo shoot, we set out to tackle the largest space, Discovery Park and the Cafe down the hall. The larger space was originally a multipurpose space, originally the auditorium, cafeteria and gym for The Children’s Guild first school. It had bright and colorful floors marked in sports fields, walls lovingly painted with giant murals of kids playing sports, and basketball nets still attached to the walls. In another corner, a rock climbing wall was installed as this room was transforming to a community center. Over the past few years, it held high school proms, birthday parties, fundraisers, cabarets and talent shows. The TranZed Alliance saw even more potential in this space and so did Heidi. So on January 14, 2016, Innovative Party Planners transformed these spaces for the Open House and official launch of the TranZed Conference space. Prior to the Open House, Robert Creamer took photographs of the transformed spaces. The images below are from our in house photos. We look forward to sharing the professional images from Bob, in the weeks to come.
TranZed_Discovery_Park_Before and After 2016_web

TranZed_Discovery_Park_Bar 2016_web


TranZed_Discovery_Park_Table Setting_2016_web

TranZed_Bill K Cafe 2016_web

To rent this space, click here and to see additional photos from the open house, click here. Be sure to check out their Brain Path, a 3-D walk through the brain!

Venue: TranZed Alliance Conference Center
Event Planning and Decor: Innovative Party Planners
Caterer: The Classic Catering People
Entertainment: Pianist
Photography: Robert Creamer Photography
Lighting and Draping: Maryland Productions
Linen: Gala Cloths and Select Event Group
Rentals: Select Event Group
Marketing: Bonnie Heneson Communications

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