From Movies to Comics and Beyond

Posted by Heidi on May 9th, 2016 in Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, No Comments
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Popular themes in the late 1990’s weren’t that different than they are today. We fondly remember designing dozens of entertainment themed events featuring the guest of honor’s favorite movies, Broadway shows or musical artists.021

Another memorable party turned the attention to the guests and poked fun at their hobbies
and professions through famous cartoons of that era.



Bat Mitzvah celebrations from the late 1990’s featured the ever popular color scheme of
silver, pink and teal often featuring Mylar star balloons.

Sports themes were popular then and are still popular today. We enjoyed drawing teens as their favorite team player for their sign in boards.023

Other teens enjoyed dreaming of outer space and the world beyond out world.018

No matter the theme, we embraced it and provided worry free set up of our clients’ event decor so they could be a guest at their own events. That remains the same today.

The journey continues.

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