Snow and Sea

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One of Zozzie & Heidi’s first events was a winter wonderland theme incorporating all of the teen’s interests. They met with the client and described their concept: 3-D snow ladies each doing something the teen enjoyed. Heidi, who had an extensive background in working with Lucite, designed their first Lucite stands for this centerpiece. They must have been designed well because 20 years later, they still use them! Over a three month period of sewing, cutting, picking and pinning, each snow lady took on a look of its own to create over 12 different personalities.

centerpiece snow


In 1997, they got involved in a large project for The Baltimore Zionist District to recreate Operation Exodus. They decorated a ship in the Inner Harbor to resemble the ship from 1947 and included photographs of the original journey. Today, there is a plaque commemorating this 50th Anniversary reenactment of Operation Exodus at the Inner Harbor.





For several years after, Zozzie & Heidi worked closely with the BZD designing the Annual Brandeis Banquets at the Convention Center and later Martin’s West.

The journey continues.

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