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Posted by Heidi on May 5th, 2016 in Behind The Scenes, General, Press, No Comments
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When we started our business in 1996, the internet was still dial up. To advertise, we made car magnets for our personal vans, printed shared business cards and designed black and white brochures to distribute at area showcases.


Initially people found out about us by word of mouth. In 1997 we placed our first advertisement, a small one, in the Celebration Connection section of The Baltimore Jewish Times.


The phones started ringing and for the first time complete strangers were hiring us to decorate their events all over Maryland and Pennsylvania.


We developed a strong relationship with our account representative, Marcie Jeffers, who we met while volunteering at our children’s school. We continued advertising with them for many years.


Thank You_JT_Marcie

The journey continues.

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