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By the late 1990’s, Zozzie & Heidi’s reputation was established. What brought them together, volunteering at their school parents association, remained important. They set aside time for mitzvot, acts of kindness and tzedukah, charity. Besides working with families to design and plan their children’s Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Zozzie and Heidi were involved in their school fundraising efforts and got involved with other community causes that clients brought to their attention.

Beth Tfiloh Camp_Signs

Signage for a fundraising event for Beth Tfiloh Camp

Whether it be by participating on an event committee, donating decor, designing signage or taking a more hands on approach at events, they gave back to the community that supported them.  Events ranged from foundations like Sinai Hospital, Hadassah of Baltimore, Junior League, Beth Tfiloh Camps, Baltimore Zionist District and other non-profits.

Elegant sign for a sisterhood event

Elegant sign for a sisterhood event

Meanwhile, they worked with many young teens who embraced tzedukah, or charity, through their Mitzvah projects. This often meant that the decor was centered around the teen’s project.


Bat Mitzvah Seating Sign. Guests were honored with tree donations

Embracing charity through events.

Embracing charity through events including Share a Smile with Sinai

Marisa's four charities part of the focus for her Bat Mitzvah celebration, circa 2000.

Marisa’s four charities were the focus for her Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Today, Innovative Party Planners continues to donate to many community organizations by participating on their boards, assisting with logistics or the design and planning of their fundraising events.

Here is a link to community mitzvah projects we have gathered for you to get involved with.

The journey continues.

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