*Pointer*   Number the back of the response cards in case a guest does not include their name on their reply card.

  • Select your invitation carefully and be sure to order a proof. This minimal cost could save you from having to reprint the entire order.
  • Prior to ordering go over your guest list and reorganize by household, so that you can order the correct amount of invitations. If possible, order extra envelopes.
  • Before addressing your invitations prepare your final guest list. Check the spelling of your guests’ names, finalize the mailing addresses and be sure to include the names of children and invited guests.
  • When using a calligrapher, present this list in an organized format at least 2-3 weeks before you would like to mail out your invitations.
  • Weigh your invitation and inserts in the envelope prior to mailing in order to purchase the proper postage. Don’t forget the return envelope postage stamp.
  • Mail your invitations 6-8 weeks prior to your event.


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